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Discover Tailwagger's Dog Beer, crafted for your dog's delight. More than just a beverage, it's a tail-wagging treat to complement meals and hydrate. Enjoy flavors like Beefy Brown Ale, Chicken Porter, and Veggie Blonde, all made with natural, alcohol-free ingredients. Cheers to happy tails!

Total Tails-Up! Canine Wellness Booster

Tailwagger supplements offer exceptional health benefits for dogs. Our TailPrime Immune Support features a potent blend of mushrooms and Vitamin C for robust immune defense. For mobility and comfort, our hip and joint supplements, enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin, ensure healthy cartilage and joints. Our all-in-one multivitamin supports immune health, digestion, skin and coat, cognitive function, and joint care. Tailwagger's commitment to natural, high-quality ingredients makes our supplements a top choice for holistic pet health. Promote your dog's longevity and quality of life with Tailwagger!

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